Presenting… Trixie!

Yup! So we visited Trixie on her first month (well, two days short of her first month) and it was an eventful visit! Before that, I decided to run out and got myself a flash to make sure that I get good pictures of her. The resulting pictures proved that a workman can’t blame his tools.. then again, maybe if I got myself the Nikon D7000 camera.. hmm…

Anyway, so Kat bundled Sophie into the car and we set off on a long anticipated visit to see Trixie. We were very intrigued about how she might look now, especially when it was impossible to tell her colour when she was only a week old. When we arrived, the lady from whom we adopted Trixie was already at the door with Trixie in her hand. We were so excited! I took her in my hand and realised that she was already the length of my outstretched fingers and palm, whereas she was only the size of the width of my palm the last time we saw her. We set her down and I started trying to take pictures of her but for some strange reason, the darn camera just wasn’t focusing well and I lost half the pictures due to bad focus. Ah well… at least we got some good ones.

Sophie was sniffing at her a fair bit, but she was also a little careless in nearly tripping over tiny Trixie, who promptly fell asleep whenever we laid her down on the floor. We were also speculating about her colour and we reckoned she might be black and silver/ salt and pepper parti. It will be intriguing to see how she might turn out. We were also keen to see how her ears turn out (whether they would be upright or flop down) but they were still too tiny to tell. Remembering how Sophie looked when she was two months old, I’m amazed at how much more Trixie would grow in the space of one month.

The evening ended on an interesting note when Trixie’s parents came out. Her daddy peed on my leg, and her hyperprotective mother managed to sink one teeth into my hand and managed to leave a mark although it didn’t draw blood.

So without further ado, presenting the debut of little Miss Trixie Lee!

Sophie Turns Three

What doggy blog doesn’t have pictures of dogs? So here it is, our most recent set of Sophie at her 3rd birthday celebration at Doggiestyle Cafe (Singapore). A quick text message to the owner, Ivy, who then saw to the arrangements. This is Sophie’s favourite cake, made of minced pork and covered with pureed pumpkin. It was a pity though that there weren’t any dogs during that time because it was an afternoon of a weekday. Kat and I were quite disappointed about that because we could’ve sworn that Sophie looked rather sad that there weren’t other dogs around. Ah well.. next year, Trixie will be joining her because Trixie’s birthday is only two days before Sophie’s. I wonder if dogs resent collective birthday celebrations like some humans do. Hmm…

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Announcing The Arrival Of Trixie

Sophie at 3 months old, the first time we met her

Sophie at 3 months old, the first time we met her

Well, I caved in after resisting for so long: Sophie will be having a “sister”, another schnauzer named Trixie.¬†I’ve been very hesitant about getting a companion for Sophie because of regulations about dogs, plus we have two Muslim neighbours, so we weren’t sure how it’d turn out. Fortunately, the Muslim kids from next door absolutely adore her (they even climb up to our living room window just to have a peek at her) and even the grandparents just smile when Sophie barks whenever they come home. I’m pretty sure they are more clued in on her behaviour then we are!

There’s another schnauzer in the park playgroup and he’s a very sweet natured 7 month old boy named Sherlock. So when his owner told us that Sherlock’s mum was pregnant again, and asked if we wanted another one, we were naturally thrilled. The pups were born on 16 April, 2 days before Sophie’s birthday. So we called the owner and arranged to see the pups. This lady obviously loved schnauzers! Besides the fur parents, she also kept a boy from the previous litter, and also has a rescued dog. We went to her bedroom where the pups and mum was, and the mum was naturally very protective and barking at us. I guess it was because we had Sophie with us too. To be honest, I was somewhat taken aback when I saw the pups: I’ve never seen newborn pups! The ones I’ve seen are the 3 month old pups in the pet shops. Their eyes weren’t even opened yet. When the owner picked one of the pups up and thrusted it at me and said, “Here you go!”, I was really hesitant! Look, I’m terrified of carrying human babies for fear I’d break them or something, and I was even too scared to carry my nephew and niece when they were newborn. And the pups were so tiny, they hardly even filled up my cupped hand. But eventually, I did, and I gotta say, it felt magical.

Both the girls were very active, and started crawling on the bed when the owner set them down. The daddy came out of the other room and he was such a good looking 8 year old! He was very good natured (I could see where Sherlock get his sweet nature from), and so welcoming. He was of a very interesting colour too: brindle! And another interesting thing is, the owner told us that his birth certificate listed his colour as “purple”! The mummy is a very pretty salt and pepper, and we were a little concerned at how much she was barking and even laid teeth on my hand (no sinking of teeth though) when I let her smell my hand (I wonder if it was because I’d been carrying her pups). Even poor Sophie was snapped at when she was sniffing at Trixie. I was half worried if the mum was aggressive and might pass that trait on, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt that she was probably very protective of her pups. The owner said that she’s actually well socialised with other dogs and humans.

I honestly can’t say why I chose Trixie, who was the youngest of the litter, hence the smallest. Her sister was crawling all around the pen, while Trixie wasn’t as adventurous although she was active enough not to be of concern. Our friend, Shawn, was checking out the parents: their health, bone structure and musculature, to determine if Trixie might inherit any health problems. We were glad that Sophie was sniffing at Trixie for a long time and seemed very interested in her. Shawn reckoned that Sophie might even mother her when she gets home.

We were pleased with the owner’s attitude too. She told us that we can only take Trixie two months later (we were worried that she might tell us to take her immediately! Pups at that age are too young to be separated from their mum). She had initially intended to give the litter to the pet shop because she’ll be moving to a smaller home, but she decided otherwise when the shop told her that they would be put down if they can’t sell the pups. She also expressed that she doesn’t like nor want to sell the pups.

More about Trixie: We can’t tell you what colour she is because it’s just too early to tell because they are all have dark fur. But what we can tell you is the her tail will be undocked, meaning it will be natural. Schnauzer pups have their tails docked between 1-5 days after they are born for that typical schnauzer look. I searched for the reason why their tails were docked and it was said that working dogs (schnauzers were bred as ratters, which might be the reason for her obsession with hunting down insects) had docked tails to keep their tails from collecting dirt which might cause health problems. It was even believed that it prevented rabies. Now, tail docking is done for cosmetic reasons. Although a vet told the owner that it was possible to dock Trixie’s tail at 3 months old, we thought that it was a¬†unnecessary procedure which just cause her pain and distress. Coincidentally, we were at a pet shop the day before and saw a 6 month old black and silver male schnauzer with a natural tail, and we thought that he looked really good. Call it fate or whatever you want, but I believe that things happened for a reason. So Trixie will grow up with her tail, and as one member of a schnauzer forum said, there’s just that bit more of her for us to love.

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